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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
(12) Start ST-790 test stand and set fuel pressure at 22 psi (152 kPa).
No. 1 window is tallest and nearest the target ring handle.
(13) Shift target ring in base of test fixture so that one spray stream hits center of No. 1 (index) window.
(14) Check that all other streams hit a window within +2 tolerance.  If any one stream is not within tolerance,
disassemble injector to clean injector cup holes and retest for proper spray pattern.
(15) If defect still exists, replace cup and retest.
(16) Shut off ST-790 fuel supply and remove injector from test fixture.
f. Perform flow test of injector on ST-790 test stand.
ST-790 test stand counts injection strokes and supplies fuel at a specified
pressure to closely simulate actual operating conditions.
(1) Install 0.026 in. (0.66 mm) orifice (has one notch in face) into test stand cup seat block. Tighten to 6 in. lbs
(0.7 N m).
(2) Lubricate inside of 3375086 adapter pot with test oil so injector O-rings will slide smoothly into pot.
(3) Slide injector into adapter pot so that injector fuel inlet hole lines up with pot inlet hole.


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