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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Knob acts as stop for override shaft.
(5) Without moving override shaft, press manual opening knob onto override shaft.
(6) Place valve in valve housing with rubber side towards housing.
(7) Coat new 0-ring with lubricating oil and place 0-ring in groove of valve housing.
(8) Place spring washer on valve with concave side up.
(9) Place fuel shield on coil and mate coil to valve housing.
(10) Secure coil with capscrews and lockwashers. Torque capscrews to 25 30 in. lbs (2.8 3.4 Nm).
e. Install shutoff valve assembly.
(1) Apply light coat of lubricating oil to 0-ring and install 0-ring in groove in bottom of shutoff valve assembly.
(2) Place shutoff valve assembly on fuel pump and secure valve with socket head capscrews, new
lockwashers, and flat washers.
(3) Torque capscrews to 9 - 11 ft lbs (12 - 15 Nm).


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