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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
g. Inspect turbine wheel and shaft.
(1) Perform magnetic particle inspection of weld area and wheel radius.
(2) Replace turbine wheel and shaft if more than three cracks found in weld area or any one crack exceeds 0.0625 in.
(1.5875 mm) in length. Distance between any two cracks cannot be less than 0.250 in. (6.350 mm).
(3) Holes with maximum diameter of 0.015 in. (0.381 mm) are acceptable in weld area.
(4) No defects are permitted in turbine wheel radius area.
(5) Cracks are not permitted in other areas of shaft.
(6) Perform dye penetrant inspection of turbine wheel.  Replace assembly if any one sealing ring groove width
exceeds 0.132 in. (3.352 mm). New groove width is 0.126 in. (3.200 mm).
(7) Check thrust edge for scratches. Smooth with crocus cloth.
(8) Measure bearing contact journals on shaft. Replace shaft if outside diameter is less than 0.7495 in. (19.0373
mm). New part limit is 0.750 in. (19.050 mm).
(9) Check shaft for damaged threads. Discard shaft if damaged.
(10) With shaft in V-blocks, rotate shaft and measure total dial indicator reading for maximum of 0.0005 in. (0.0127
mm). Replace if limit exceeded.


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