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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
a. Position oil sealing rings (7) in grooves on turbine wheel and shaft (8).
b. Ensure that ring gaps are 180 degrees apart.
c. Position new insulation pad (5) on turbine end of bearing housing (4).
d. Install heat shield (6) on bearing housing (4).
e. Lubricate bore of bearing housing (4).
f. Carefully insert turbine wheel and shaft (8) into turbine end of bearing housing (4), compressing oil sealing rings
(7) in the process.
g. Lubricate turbine wheel and shaft (8) and bearing (3).
h. Position bearing insert (2) over flange of bearing (3 ). Insert bearing and bearing insert into back of diffuser plate
(18a) (1982 and 1984 models).
i. Lubricate groove in oil seal sleeve (10) and new oil control ring (11).
Slide oil control ring over sleeve, into
Oil control ring end of sleeve must face bearing housing.
j. Lubricate bore of diffuser plate (18a), and insert oil seal sleeve (10) into diffuser plate (18a), keeping oil control
ring compressed until sleeve is started into bore.
k. Lubricate new O-ring (1) and insert in groove of diffuser plate (18a) (1982 and 1984 models).
l. Slide bearing (3) into bearing housing (4) with diffuser plate (18a) attached. Tap edges of diffuser pate to seat
diffuser plate in bearing housing (4) (1982 and 1984 models).
Change 1 3-385


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