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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
1980 MODEL
l.1. Position diffuser plate so that retainer flanges of diffuser plate aline with bearing insert and bearing (1980 model).
m. Lubricate turbine housing (9) bore with MIL-C-47121 antiseize compound.
n. Press bearing housing (4) and turbine wheel and shaft (8) into turbine housing (9 ), ensuring that alinement marks
o. Lubricate turbine shaft (8). Press compressor wheel (12) onto shaft.
p. Install new rotor nut (13) on turbine shaft (8). Torque nut to 24 ft lbs (27-33 Nm).
q. Install compressor housing (20). Position V-band clamps (14) around bearing housing (4), centering openings of
clamps over oil supply and drain ports.
r. Secure diffuser plate (18) to compressor housing (20) with lockwashers (16), flat washers (17) and capscrews
(15). Torque capscrews to 5 - 7 ft lbs (7 -9 Nm).
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