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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
c. Press shaft an d bearing-assembly into pulley (25) until bearing (23) bottoms in bore.
d. Install retaining ring (20) (beveled side up) into groove in pulley (25).
e. Install grease fitting into hole in face of pulley.
f. Pump in grease, MIL-G-3545, until grease appears through bearing.
g. Remove grease fitting and install plug (26).
h. With lip side down, press new grease seal (19) into pulley bore until flush with top of pulley.
i. Lubricate new O-ring (22) and install O-ring (22) into groove on idler shaft (24).
j. Place spacer (21) over shaft (24) and slide over O-ring (22) until spacer bottoms on bearing (23).
a. Using ST-1191 seal driver, with seal lip towards driver, press rear grease seal (10) into water pump housing bo re
until seated. Seal is inserted through front bore of housing.
b. Lubricate water pump shaft (9) bearing surface.
c. Using ST-658 bearing mandrel, press pulley end of shaft (9) through inner bearing (8) until shaft shoulder seats
tight against bearing race.
d. Install small retaining ring (7) on shaft (9) securing inner bearing (8).
e. Support outer bearing (5) on ST-658 bearing mandrel.
f. Place bearing spacer (6) on shaft (9).
g. Press shaft assembly through outer bearing (5) until spacer (6) seats firmly against bearings. Ensure that both
bearings turn freely.


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