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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Remove four caps crews and washers previously installed in rear flange at both sides of pan.
Screws must be removed to provide socket clearance to corner capscrews.
Tighten two corner pan to block flange capscrews.  This draws pan flange to block flange to
ensure pan is firmly seated into corner of flywheel housing and block.
Remove guide studs.
Reinstall four rear flange capscrews and washers.
Install four pan to front gear cover capscrews, flat washers, and lockwashers.
Install four pan to rear cover capscrews, flat washers, and lockwashers. Torque capscrews to 15
- 20 ft lbs (20 - 27 Nm).
Torque all other capscrews to 28 - 40 ft lbs (38 - 54 Nm).
Install oil suction tube.
Position new gasket and oil suction flange on left side of pan.
Secure flange with capscrews and lockwashers. Do not tighten capscrews.
Push tube and sleeve of flex hose into lube oil pump until tube bottoms. Tighten nut 1-1/4 turn
from finger tight.
Secure other end of hose to oil suction flange finger tight.
Torque suction flange capscrews to 30 - 35 ft lbs (41 - 47 Nm).
Tighten flex hose tube nut against stop on suction flange.
Remove oil pan capscrew and washers located approximately midway the length of oil suction
Position suction line support bracket on pan flange and secure with oil pan retaining capscrew
and lockwasher.
Torque capscrew to 30 - 35 ft lbs (41 - 47 N m).
Place clamp around oil suction hose.
With spacer placed between clamp and bracket insert capscrew with flat washer through clamp,
spacer, and bracket.
Secure capscrew with lockwasher and nut.
Secure dust cap to remote bypass oil filter 90 degrees return fitting on right rear side of pan.
Install air compressor (TM 9-2320-281-34).


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