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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Injector link to rocker lever housing is a zero clearance adjustment.
With tool no. 3375232 inch-pound torque wrench and socket, tighten adjusting screw to 5 - 6 in.
lbs (0.56 - 0.68 N m).
If torque wrench not available, zero clearance can be set at point where link is
slightly loaded, but free enough to be rotated by thumb and forefinger.
With ST-669 torque wrench adapter and socket, hold adjusting screw and torque locknut to 30 -
35 ft lbs (41 - 47 Nm).
If ST-669 not used, hold adjusting screw with box end wrench and torque locknut to 40 - 45 ft lbs
(54 - 61 N m).


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