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TM 9-2815-237-34 2-140.22          Change 1 2-35.3.   (6.2L or 6.5L)  FUEL INJECTION PUMPS (DB2829-4523, DB2829-4879, or DB2831-5149) CALIBRATION USING FUEL INJECTION PUMP TEST STAND (FTIS) MODEL A8022 (Cont’d) 3. Remove rubber hose assembly from quick-connect on advance indicator block and auxiliary pressure quick-connect on front panel of test stand (2). 4. Remove quick-connect from advance indicator block and install screw plug (1) into advance indicator block. 5. Remove two screws (7) and advance indicator from fuel injection pump (4), and install gasket (5) and timing cover (6) on fuel injection pump (4) with two screws (7). 6. Remove throttle arm positioner assembly from bedplate (8) and disconnect from throttle lever (3) on fuel injection pump (4). CAUTION When removing high-pressure delivery lines from fuel injection pump, use two wrenches to protect discharge fittings. 7. Remove eight high-pressure delivery lines from discharge fittings (9) on fuel injection pump (4). 2 AUXILIARY PRESSURE QUICK-CONNECT QUICK-CONNECT RUBBER HOSE ASSEMBLY ADVANCE INDICATOR BLOCK 1


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