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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-6. CRANKCASE REPAIR (continued). NOTE When correct size and number of shim(s) are used, steel rule will be in contact with both crankshaft gear and top shim on camshaft gear. 3. Place  steel  rule  (29)  across  crankshaft  gear  (28)  and  camshaft  gear  (1).    Measure  the  distance  at  point  B  and point  C  between  crankcase  sealing  surfaces  (30)  and  steel  rule  (29).   If  measurement  is  between  0.00  inch  and 0.0039  inch  (0.00  mm  and  0.10  mm),  install  gasket  on  flywheel  housing  (para  3-8).    If  measurement  is  between 0.0043 inch and 1.18 inches (0.11 and 0.30 mm), install two gaskets on flywheel housing (para 3-8). FOLLOW-ON TASKS: Install governor control assembly (para 3-16). Install solenoid (para 2-27). Install flywheel, auxiliary drive hardware, and flywheel housing (para 3-8). Install pistons and combustion chamber liners (para 3-9). 3-25


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