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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-12.   FILLER NECK REPLACEMENT. This Task Covers: a. Removal b.  Installation Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment: Crankcase gasket set (Item 1, Appendix F) General mechanic's tool kit, automotive (Item 15, Appendix G) Equipment Conditions: Filler cap removed (para 2-18). Materials/Parts: Airflow deflectors removed as needed to allow Grease, automotive (Item 5, Appendix D) access to oil filler assembly (para 2-24). Sealing compound (Item 11, Appendix D) a. REMOVAL 1. Remove  four  nuts  (2)  and  washers  (1)  from  four studs (4). 2. Remove filler neck (3) from crankcase (5). 3. Remove  O-ring  (6)  from  groove  of  filler  neck  (3). Discard O-ring. b. INSTALLATION 1. Lightly coat new O-ring (6) with grease.  Install O- ring (6) in groove in filler neck (3). 2. Apply sealing compound to four studs (4). 3. Install filler neck (3) on crankcase (5). 4. Install  four  washers  (1)  and  nuts  (2)  on  four  studs (4). FOLLOW-ON TASKS:   Install airflow deflectors (para 2-24).   Install filler cap (para 2-18). 3-46


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