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ARMY TM 92815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 3-18.2. Inspection. a. Inspect fuel injector pipes for wear, kinks, or fitting damage.   Replace as necessary. b. Inspect hoses for cracks, deterioration, or any other damage. 3-18.3. Installation. a. Remove all caps installed during removal. b. Connect fuel injector pipes (3 and 4, FIGURE 3-13) to fuel injectors (8) and fuel injection pumps.   Tighten nuts finger tight. c. Secure fuel injector pipe clips using cylinder head cover nuts (1).   Tighten nuts to 78 in-lbs (8.8 Nm). d. Starting at fuel injector (8), tighten fuel injector pipes (3 and 4) nuts to 21.0 ft-lbs (28.5 Nm). e. Install tee fitting (13) into hose (16). f. Install tee fittings (13) in hose (15). g. Connect hoses (5) to tee fittings (13) and to fuel injectors (8). h. Connect hose (10) to tee fitting (13) and secure hose (10) with new tiedown straps (14). i. Install union (11) and washer (12) to end of fuel supply hose. j. Connect hose (10) to union (11). 3-19. FUEL SOLENOID. 3-19.1.   Removal. a. Tag and disconnect electrical leads from solenoid (8, FIGURE 3-14). b. Remove capscrew (1), knob (2), washer (3), and retaining nut (4) securing linkage (5) to lever (13). c. Remove  two  capscrews  (6)  and  washers  (7)  securing  solenoid  (8)  to  bracket  (11);  remove  solenoid  (8)  with linkage (5). d. Count number of threads exposed prior to unscrewing linkage (5).   This will aid installation and adjustment. e. If damaged or if replacing solenoid, loosen locknut on linkage (5) and unscrew linkage from solenoid (8). f. If damaged, remove two nuts (9) and washers (10) securing bracket (11) to engine; remove bracket (11). g. If damaged, remove two studs (12) and washers (10) from engine block. 3-34


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