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ARMY TM 92815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 FIGURE 3-14.  Fuel  Solenoid Installation 3-1 9.2. Inspection. a. Inspect linkage for bends or any other damage. b. Inspect threaded components for thread damage. c. Refer to end item maintenance manual for inspection of solenoid. 3-19.3.   Adjustment.  For adjustment of fuel solenoid installation, refer to end item maintenance manual. 3-19.4.   Installation. a. If removed, install two studs (12, FIGURE 3-14) and washers (10) in engine block. b. If removed, position bracket (11) on studs (12) and secure with two nuts (9) and washers (10). c. If  removed,  screw  linkage  (5)  into  solenoid  (8)  leaving  number  of  threads  exposed  as  noted  during  removal. Tighten linkage locknut. d. Position solenoid (8) with linkage (5) on bracket (11) and secure with two capscrews (6) and washers (7). e. Connect linkage (5) to lever (13) using capscrew (1), knob (2), washer (3), and retaining nut (4). 3-35


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