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ARMY TM 9-2815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 (2)  Roll pushrod along surface plate checking for curvature with a feeler gage.  Normal reading should be 0.008 in.  (0.2 mm) or less. (3)    Inspect  both  ends  of  pushrod  for  excessive  wear  or  damage.    If  excessive  wear  or  damage  is  found, replace pushrod. b.  Inspect rocker lever valve stem contact surface for step wear and scoring.  If contact surfaces have light step wear or scoring, they may be honed with an oil stone.  If step wear or scoring is severe, rocker lever must bereplaced. 3-26.3.  Installation. CAUTION Ensure that no piston Is at TDC when Installing pushrods.  Failure to follow this caution could damage equipment. a.    Lightly  oil  pushrod  (9,  FIGURE  327)  with  engine  lubricating  oil  (MIL-L-2104)  and  install  it  in  cylinder  head. Ensure pushrod does not interfere with cylinder head clearance hole. b.  Lightly oil rocker lever (6) and install it on cylinder head bolt (7).  Secure with nut (5) finger tight. c.    Gradually  tighten  nut  (5)  until  heel  of  rocker  lever  (6)  makes  contact  with  ball  end  of  pushrod  (9).    Ensure rocker lever is centered over valve stem. d.  Tighten nut (5) to 25 ft-lbs (33.9 Nm). e.  Repeat above steps a thru d, for remaining pushrods and rocker levers. f.  Wait for up to 90 seconds on a new tappet or up to 45 minutes on a used engine for the hydraulic tappet to bleed down. CAUTION Do not force crankshaft to rotate If rotation is not free easy movement.  This will prevent engine damage if a piston comes in contact with valve. NOTE Check for bleed down by rotating pushrods.  If a pushrod rotates after the respective valve has closed, that hydraulic tappet has bled down. g.  Manually turn the crankshaft very slowly, checking that all pushrods will rotate after their respective valve has closed. 3-27.  CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLY. 3-27.1.  Removal. a.  Remove intake manifold, refer to paragraph 36.1. b.  Remove exhaust manifold, refer to paragraph 3-7.1. NOTE Cap all fuel line connections that have been opened to prevent contamination of fuel system. c.  Remove fuel injector pipes, refer to paragraph 3-18.1. d.  Remove fuel injectors, refer to paragraph 3-17.1. e.  Remove two nuts (1, FIGURE 3-28) securing lifting eye (2); remove lifting eye (2). 3-54


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