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ARMY TM 9-2815-253-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-93-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/3 3-28.  GEAR END COVER. 3-28.1.  Removal. a. Insert  common  screwdriver  through  flywheel  housing  into  flywheel  gear  ring.    Ensure  that  it  is  in  position  by attempting to turn flywheel. b. Remove fan belt.  Refer to end item maintenance manual. NOTE Bolt (1, FIGURE 3-32) has left hand threads. c. Remove bolt (1) securing crankshaft pulley (2) to crankshaft; remove pulley (2). d. Remove screwdriver. CAUTION To avoid possible damage, do not use a screwdriver on cover or crankcase matIng faces to remove gasket. e. Remove plug (3). f. Supporting weight of end cover (6), remove seven capscrews (4), washers (5), end cover (6), and gasket (7). Discard gasket. g. If damaged, use suitable driver and drive oil seal (8) from end cover (6).  Discard seal (8). h. If damaged, remove two dowels (9) from crankcase. 3-28.2.  Inspection. a. Inspect crankshaft front oil seal (8, FIGURE 3-32) for excessive wear, damage, or signs of leakage. b. Inspect crankshaft pulley (2) for cracks and wear. c. Inspect end cover (6) for cracks or other physical damage. 3-28.3.  Installation. a. If removed, install two dowels (9, FIGURE 3-32), flat end first into crankcase fully. b. Install new seal (8) as follows: (1) Lightly grease sealing lip of new seal (8) with general purpose grease (630AA). (2) Position new seal (8) into outside neck of end cover (6), lip side first, and position it squarely on shoulder of seal boss. (3) Using suitable driver, drive seal into position in end cover (6). c. Clean all traces of old gasket from crankcase and end cover mating surfaces. d. Install new gasket (7) dry, over two dowels (9), and onto crankcase. e. Install oil seal tool into outside face of oil seal (8). f. Install end cover (6), taking care to ensure new gasket (7) is not damaged and cover is correctly installed over dowels (9). g. Install seven capscrews (4) and washers (5) securing end cover (6) to crankcase.  Tighten capscrews to 78 in-lbs (8.8 Nm) in sequence shown in FIGURE 3-33. h. Install plug (3). i. Insert common screwdriver through flywheel housing to lock flywheel. 3-56


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