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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR  FORCE  TO    38G1-94-2 b. Install valve guides (16, FIGURE 3-60) as follows: (1)  Apply  engine  lubricating  oil  (ML-L-2104)  to  valve  guide  outer  circumference. (2) Attach valve guide installing tool (NU-7634) and valve guide setting tool (320908) to valve guide. (3)   Use a hammer to drive valve guide into position from cylinder head upper face. (4)   Measure  distance  valve  guide  extends  above  cylinder  head  upper  face.  Distance  should  be  approximate- ly 0.47 in. (12.0 mm). NOTE If valve guide has been removed, valve and valve guide must be re- placed as a set. c. Install heat shields (14, FIGURE 3-60) as follows: NOTE Always install a new heat shield (14). Never reuse an old heat shield (14). (1)  Position  washer  (15)  and  heat  shield  (14),  flange  side  facing  up,  in  cylinder  head  through  fuel  injector  hole. (2)   Lightly tap heat shield flange into place with a hammer and a brass bar. d .    Install used hot plugs (13) as follows: (1) Align hot plug knock ball with cylinder head groove. (2)   Use a plastic hammer lo tap hot plug into place. e. Install new hot plugs (13) as follows: (1)   Align hot plug knock ball with cylinder head groove and using a plastic hammer tap it temporarity into posi- tion. 3-124


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