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ARMY TM 9-2815-264-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 d. Apply sealing compound (FORMAGASKET2) and position outlet pipe (2) and new gasket (3) on housing (8) and secure with two screws (1). Tighten screws to 168 in-lbs (19 Nm). e. Install bypass hose (11) on housing (8) and water pump housing and secure with two hose clamps (10). f. Connect outlet hose to outlet pipe (2) and secure with hose clamp. g. Service coolant system, refer to end item maintenance manual. 3-7.  WATER  PUMP. 3-7.1. Removal. Do not drain coolant until coolant temperature is below operating tem- perature prior to removal. Severe personal injury can occur. a. Drain coolant system if not already drained, refer to end item maintenance manual. b. Loosen hose clamp and remove inlet hose from water pump outlet. c. Remove fan drive belt, refer to end item maintenance manual. d. Remove four screws (1, FIGURE 3-2) securing fan (2) spacer (3), and fan pulley (4) to water pump (7); re- move fan, spacer, and pulley. N O T E Note location of two longer screws (5) for use during installation. e. Remove six screws (5 and 6) securing water pump (7); remove alternator bracket (8), water pump (7) and gasket (9). Discard gasket. 3-18


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