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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 d. Wash all parts in dean diesel fuel. Dry with compressed air. 3-10.5.  Assembly  (Fuel  Injector). a. If removed, install screw (22, FIGURE 3-4), new gasket (24), and connector (23) in holder (25). b. Install nozzle (21) and retainer nut (20) on holder (25). c. Install pushrod (19), spring (18), and washer (17) in holder (25). d. Install adjusting screw (16). N O T E New  gasket  (15)  and  cap  nut  (14)  will  be  installed  after  adjustment, paragraph 3-10.6. 3-10.6.  Test/Adjustment. N O T E Perform step a through c if cap nut (14, FIGURE 3-4) is not loose. a. Place fuel injector in a vise and clamp on holder (25). b. Remove cap nut (14). c. Remove fuel injector from vise. d. Attach fuel injector to a fuel injector tester. Point fuel injector into a clear container. Keep body clear of test spray. Fluid can be injected into bloodstream causing blood poisoning and possible death. 3-29


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