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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 36G1-94-2 e. Open valve on fuel injector tester and operate lever at one stoke per second. f. Spray should start at 1706 psi (120 kg/cm2) and a well atomized spray pattern (refer to FIGURE 3-5) should be visible. FIGURE   3-5.   Fuel   Injector   Spray   Pattern g. Turn adjusting screw (16, FIGURE 3-4) as necessary to obtain starting pressure and spray pattern in step f. h. Repeat step e and operate level to hold pressure at 290 psi (20.4 kg/cm2) below opening pressure. i. No drops should fall from fuel injector within 10 seconds. j. Remove fuel injector from tester and place in a vise. k. Install capnut (14) and tighten to 25.5 ft-lbs (34.0 Nm). l. Remove fuel injector from vise. 3-10.7.   Installation. N O T E lf  existing  fuel  injectors  are  being  used,  ensure  they  are  installed  in  loca- tions as marked during removal. 3-30


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