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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 am. Remove coupling from camshaft. an. Install cover (13, FIGURE 3-8) with new gasket (14) and secure with two new gaskets (12) and screws (11). ao. Position bracket (8) and new gasket (10) on drive end of housing and secure with four washers (7) new lock- washers (6), and nuts (5) ap. Install timer assembly on camshaft and secure with new lockwasher (6, FIGURE 3-7) and nut (5). Attach spanner (157916-5320) to timer assembly to hold it while tightening nut (5) to 45 ft-lbs (61 Nm) 3-11.6.   Installation. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. N O T E If a replacement injection pump does not include a mechanical gover- nor, skip steps a thru g and proceed with step h. Disconnect and remove spring (1, FIGURE 3-37). Remove stud (2) and washer (3). Position pump in a pan to collect any oil which may be contained in governor housing. Remove two screws (4) and four screws (5). Partially separate cover (6) from housing. While holding cover in place with one hand, disconnect spring (8) and link (9) from inside housing. This will allow separating cover (6) from housing. Remove gasket (10). Using a hammer and screwdriver, loosen and remove nut (11) and washer (12). Remove flyweight assembly (13). Position fuel injection pump and new packing (4, FIGURE 3-7) on engine front plate, aligning pump gear set- ting mark ‘Z’ with camshaft gear setting mark ‘z-z’. Secure pump with six bolts (1 and 2), tighten bolts 168 in-lbs (18.9 Nm). 3-63


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