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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 3-27.4.9  Cam Ring. Only working portions of lobes on inside diameter are ground, so any tool marks between lobes should not be considered as damage.  The mottled appearance of cam is from heat treatment rather than from operation.  Carefully inspect cam lobes and edges of all flat surfaces.  If there is evidence of spilling or flaking out, replace with a new cam. 3-27.4.10  Governor Weights. Check pivot points (heel or toe) of all weights for excessive wear. 3-27.4.11  Transfer Pump Blades. Inspect  with  utmost  care.    Check  for  chipping  on  any  edges,  including  spring  bore  edges,  pitting,  imbedded  foreign particles, or scoring on rounded edges.  Determine blade wear by measuring length (0.538 inch [13.67 mm] minimum). Inspect flat surfaces visually for deep scores.  If any discrepancies are noted, replace both blade sets and springs. 3-27.4.12  Housing. Inspect  housing  for  chips,  cracks,  damaged  threads,  imbedded  foreign  particles,  or  any  other  abnormal  conditions. Replace if damaged. 3-27.4.13  Bushings, Drive Shaft, and Throttle Shaft. Inspect for excessive wear, cracks, loose fit in housing, or any other abnormal conditions.  Replace if damaged. 3-27.5.  Replacement. 3-27.5.1  Delivery Valve. Delivery  valves  of  various  retraction  values  are  used  for  different  applications.    Correct  part  numbers  are  found  on individual pump specifications.  Letters 'OV' etched on base of rotor indicate a 0.001 inch oversize delivery valve bore. A rotor so marked must use a 0.001 inch oversize delivery valve.  Part numbers for both standard and oversized valves are  listed  on  individual  pump  specifications.    An  oversized  valve  is  also  identified  by  blackening  on  both  ends  and  in groove on delivery valve shank. 3-27.5.2  Plungers. Since  plungers  are  positioned  centrally  in  their  bores  during  operation  and  their  travel  is  extremely  short,  wear  of plungers is negligible.  However, replacement may be made in instances where rust or damage in handling has occurred. Plungers of any given nominal diameter are graded in four select fit sizes (A, B, C, and D).  The rotor is etched with a letter indicating bore size, this mark is found on base of rotor.  If plunger replacement is required, check size designation on  rotor  and  use  plunger  of  corresponding  part  number.    For  example;  the  basic  plunger  is  part  number  11086  and graded sizes, A through D, are part numbers 11087 through 11090.  Therefore, a replacement plunger for a pump with a rotor marked 'C' would use part number 11089. 3-27.6.  Assembly. Warning Diesel  fuel  Is  flammable  and  toxic  to  eyes,  skin,  and  respiratory  tract.    Skin/eye  protection required.  Avoid repeated/prolonged contact.  Good  general ventilation Is normally adequate. CAUTION Throughout assembly procedures It Is stated to use grease on various parts.  Do so sparingly as it can plug return fittings and pump will not bleed air from housing during startup. 3-100


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