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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 bq. Install gasket (68) and piston ring (67) on advance piston (66). br. Install advance piston (66) in plug (65). bs. Install piston and plug in side of housing on side marked C'. bt. Align advance pin hole in advance piston with unthreaded hole in cam ring.  Install advance pin (69). bu. Install seal (55) on advance screw hole plug (54).  Install plug. by. If necessary, install new performed packings (60 and 61), screw (62), seal (63), and nut (64) in plug (56). bw. Insert advance adjustment screw guide (59) in plug (56) with step facing spring. bx. Insert springs (57 and 58) in plug (56).  Install plug (56) with inserted components into housing. by. Tighten advance piston hole plugs (56 and 65) 18 to 22 ft-lbs (24.4 to 29.8 Nm). bz. Tighten plug (54) 40 to 60 in-bs (4.5 to 6.8 Nm). ca. Invert pump and fixture in vise. cb. Hold throttle lever (19) in wide open position and rotate drive shaft clockwise until a slight click is heard as toes of governor arm (44) engage slots in thrust sleeve (19, FIGURE 3-52). CAUTION Never  back  out  low  Idle  screw  (38,  FIGURE  3-45)  or  disengagement  of  throttle  lever  (19)  from guide bushing could result. cc. With throttle lever (19) held in wide open position, use linkage gage (18914) to check clearance between rear of shutoff  shaft  (30)  and  vertical  tab  on  linkage  hook  (46),  refer  to  FIGURE  3-85.    Clearance  should  be  0.125  to 0.145  inch  (3.175  to  3.683  mm).    Adjustment  of  this  clearance  is  made  using  a  1/4  inch  wrench  to  change effective length of linkage hook. FIGURE 3-85.  Checking Clearance at Linkage Hook cd. Use wrench and loosen adjusting screw (74, FIGURE 3-45).  Slide linkage to maximum open length. ce. Insert  linkage  gage  as  above  and  slide  linkage  hook  (46)  together  from  rear  until  face  of  tab  is  flush  against gage. cf. Tighten screw (74) and recheck adjustment. NOTE Cam should snap into position when installed correctly. 3-112


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