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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 (1) Inspect  all  cylinder  head  passages  for  restrictions.    Heads  with  restricted  or  clogged  passages  can  be cleaned by soaking them in tank of hot caustic solution. (2) Scrape all old gasket material from head.  Use a powered wire brush to clean sealing surfaces. (3) If cylinder head is not put in a chemical hot tank for cleaning, clean with dry cleaning solvent (P-D1680) and a brush.  Dry with compressed air and be sure to blow out all passages. g. Clean injection nozzle bores as follows: CAUTION To  keep  cleaning  tool  from  getting  dull,  always  turn  tool  clockwise  through  bore,  even  when pulling back (1) Clean carbon deposits from nozzle bores with nozzle bore cleaning tool. (2) Blow debris from bore with compressed air. h. Check cylinder head flatness as follows: (1) Check  cylinder  head  for  flatness  using  precision  straightedge  and  feeler  gage.    Check  lengthwise  and crosswise in several places.  A good secondary check is one that is on a diagonal. (2) The out-of-flat measurement must not exceed 0.005 inch (0.13 mm) for the entire length or width of head, or 0.001 inch (0.025 mm) for every 5.90 inches (150 mm) of length or width of head. (3) If any measurement exceeds this specification, the cylinder head must be either reconditioned or replaced. Refer to step i and measure cylinder head thickness. i. Measure cylinder head thickness (FIGURE 3-101) as follows:  (1) If cylinder head thickness is less than minimum allowable thickness of 4.104 inches (104.24 mm), do not resurface it.  Install a new cylinder head. FIGURE 3-101.  Measuring Cylinder Head Thickness (2) If  necessary  to  resurface  cylinder  head,  the  cylinder  head  thickness  can  be  no  less  than  4.104  inches (104.24 mm).  Remove only what is necessary to restore flatness. (3) After resurfacing, check for flatness as described in step h and check surface finish on combustion face of head. (4) Measure and record valve recess dimension for all valves, refer to paragraph 3-34.2. 3-142


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