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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 NOTE Retorque  of  cylinder  head  cap-screws  after  engine  break-in  is  not  required  when  using  the recommended torque procedure along with specified flanged-head capscrews. i. Install pushrods and rocker arm assembly, refer to paragraph 3-33.5. j. Install valve cover, refer to paragraph 3-31.2. k. Install fuel injectors, refer to paragraph 3-29.4. I. Install fuel injector piping, refer to paragraph 3-26.3. m. Install fuel filter, refer to paragraph 3-24.4. n. Install thermostat housing, refer to paragraph 3-9.4. o. Install intake and exhaust manifolds, refer to paragraphs 3-15.3.  and 3-14.3. p. Install turbocharger, refer to paragraph 3-13.4. q. Install air intake and exhaust system, refer to end item maintenance manual. r. Service lubrication and coolant systems, refer to end item maintenance manual. s. Run engine at specified slow idle no load for 2 minutes, check for liquid leaks. t. Increase engine rpm to specified fast idle, then load down to 50 rpm above specified rated speed for 20 minutes. u. Recheck valve clearances and adjust, as necessary, refer to paragraph 3-32.1. v. Install valve cover, refer to paragraph 3-31.2. Section X.  FLYWHEEL AND HOUSING ASSEMBLY MAINTENANCE 3-35.  FLYWHEEL. 335.1.  Removal. a. Remove starter, refer to paragraph 312.2. WARNING Flywheel  Is  heavy.    Provide  adequate  lifting  device  to  support  weight.    Failure  to  follow  this procedure could result In personal Injury. b. Remove two capscrews (1, FIGURE 3-105) and washers (2).  Replace these with two guide studs. c. Remove other two capscrews (1) and washers (2).  Install these two capscrews in threaded holes of flywheel (3). d. Use two capscrews in step b to jack flywheel (3).  off crankshaft. e. Remove flywheel (3) and two capscrews (1). 3-35.2.  Repair. a. If ring gear (4, FIGURE 3-105) is damaged, place the flywheel (3) on a solid fiat surface. b. Drive ring gear (4) off with a brass drift and hammer. 3-149


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