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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/5 3-11.7.  Installation. a. If removed, install jumper wire (18, FIGURE 3-5) and nuts (20). b. If  removed,  position  mounting  brackets  (15  and  17)  on  timing  gear  cover  mounting  holes;  secure  with  two capscrews (12), washers (13), spacers (16), and nuts (14). c. If removed, position adjusting strap (11) on water pump mounting hole; secure with capscrew (9), washer (19), and new lockwasher (10). d. Position battery charging alternator (5) and bracket (4) between mounting brackets (15 and 17) and secure with capscrew (6), new lockwasher (7), and nut (8).  Do not tighten. e. Secure battery charging alternator (5) and bracket (4) to adjusting strap (11) with capscrew (1), new lockwasher (2), and washer (3).  Do not tighten. f. Install fan belts on battery charging alternator pulley, refer to end item maintenance manual. g. Connect electrical leads to alternator as tagged during removal. 3-12.  STARTER. WARNING Exercise care when bench testing starter.  Ensure metal objects do not contact connection points as severe arcing will occur.  Failure to observe this warning could result in personal injury. 3-12.1.  Bench Test. a. Remove starter, refer to paragraph 3-12.2. b. Turn overrunning clutch drive clockwise by hand.  Pinion should turn freely. c. Turn pinion counterclockwise.  A definite resistance should be felt.  If clutch assembly is defective disassemble the starter clutch. d. If armature turns freely and the clutch is not defective, test starter under no-load conditions. CAUTION Never operate starter longer than 30 seconds.  Allow at least two minutes for cooling and battery recovery   before   operating   again.      Overheating,   caused   by   excessive   operation,   will   seriously damage starter. NOTE Do not conduct the no-load test unless the armature turns freely. e. Connect a 24 VDC source (A) to starter battery terminal (B) and starter frame (C) as shown.  Use heavy duty cables, refer to FIGURE 3-14. f. Connect a remote start switch (D) between switch terminal (E) and battery terminal (B). Change 3 3-35


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