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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24P AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-4 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24P/3 5. Special    Information.    -    (Continued) C. ASSEMBLY    INSTRUCTION. Detailed    assembly    instructions    for items    source    coded    to    be    assembled    from    component    spare/repair parts    are    found    in    TM    9-2815-256-24. Items    that    make    up    the assembly    are    listed    immediately    following    the    assembly    item    entry or   reference   is   made   to   an   applicable   figure. d. KITS. Line   item   entries   for   repair   parts   kits   appear throughout    Section    II. e. ASSOCIATED     PUBLICATIONS. The    publication(s)    listed    below pertain    to    Diesel    Engine, Model   6059TF002   and   its   components: Publication Short    Title TM    9-2815-256-24 Maintenance    Manual,    Diesel    Engine, Model    No.    6059T 6. How   to   Locate   Repair   Parts. a. When   National   Stock   Number   or   Part   Number   is   Not   Known. (1) First. Using    the    Table    of    Contents,    determine    the assembly    group    or    subassembly    group    to    which    the    item    belongs. This    is    necessary    since    figures    are    prepared    for    assembly    groups and    subassembly    groups,    and    listings    are    divided    into    the    same groups. (2) Second. Find   the   figure   covering   the   assembly   group or   subassembly   group   to   which   the   item   belongs. (3) Third. Identify   the   item   on   the   figure   and   note   the item    number. (4) Fourth. Refer    to    the    Repair    Parts    List    for    the figure   to   find   the   part   number   for   the   item   number   noted   on   the figure. 10


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