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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24P AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-4 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24P/3 6. HOW   to   Locate   Repair   Parts.   -   Continued (5)   Fifth.   Refer   to   the   Part   Number   Index   to   find   the NSN, if    assigned. b. When   National   Stock   Number   or   Part   Number   is   Known. (1) First. Using    the    Index    of    National    Stock    Numbers and    Part    Numbers,    find   the   pertinent   National   Stock   Number   or   Part Number. The    NSN    index    is    in    National    Item    Identification    Number (NIIN)    sequence    (see    4.a(1)). The   part   numbers   in   the   Part   Number index    are    listed    in    ascending    alphanumeric sequence (see    4.b). Both    indexes    cross-reference    you to    the    illustration    figure    and item   number   of   the   item   you   are   looking   for. (2) Second. After    finding    the    figure    and    item    number, verify   that   the   item   is   the   one   you're   looking   for,   then   locate   the item   number   in   the   repair   parts   list   for   the   figure. 7. Abbreviations. (Abbreviations    must    be    applicable    to    specific RPSTL    and    not    listed    in    MIL-STD-12). Abbreviations Explanation AVIM Aviation    Intermediate Maintenance AVUM Aviation    Unit    Maintenance BOI Basis    of    Issue DS Direct    Support GS General    Support MAC Maintenance    Allocation Chart NIIN National    Item Identification    Number (consists    of    the    last 9-digits   of   the   NSN) NSN RPSTL National    Stock    Number Repair    Parts    and Special    Tools    List 11


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