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TM  9-2920-243-34 Figure 3-13. Disassembling or assembling shaft and lever assembly. 3-9. Shift Housing Assembly (Fig.  3-14) Remove  and  discard  packing  (A  and  B).  Remove hex-socket head plug (C) and oil wick (D). NOTE Do not attempt to remove bushing-type bearing  unless  inspection  (para  3-14c) indicates for replacement. Figure 3-14. Removing or installing shift housing packings and oil wick. 3-10. Removal of Armature Assembly Remove   armature   assembly   from   field   ring assembly  as  shown  in  figure  3-15.  Remove  fiber thrust  washer  (A,  fig.  3-16)  and  steel  thrust washer  (B)  from  armature. NOTE The fit of thrust washer (B, fig. 3-16) can vary from a slip to a press fit. It may be necessary to press washer off armature shaft. 3-5


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