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TM  9-2920-243-34 e. Remove two fiber thrust washers (A, fig. 3- 12),  shift  housing  assembly  (B),  fiber  washer  (C), and  steel  thrust  washer  (D)  from  armature  shaft. Figure 3-11. Removing or installing drive and lever assemblies. Figure 3-9. Removing or installing lever shaft. Figure 3-12. Removing or installing drive clutch thrust washers. Figure 3-10. Removing or installing shaft housing assembly attaching parts. d. Slide  drive  assembly  (A,  fig.  3-11)  out  of shift housing assembly and guide shaft and lever assembly  (B)  down  and  out  of  housing  at  the same  time. 3-8. Shaft and Lever Assembly (Fig.  3-13) Press out roll pins (A and C) to separate shaft and insert  assembly  (B)  and  coupling  (D)  from  lever arm  assembly. NOTE Shaft and lever assembly should not be disassembled  unless  inspection  (para  3- 14) indicates need for replacing one of components. 3-4


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