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TM 9-2920-243-34 MACK   Model   ENDT   673   engines. However,  the  pinion  housing  is  positioned differently for certain engine application. Figure  3-40  illustrates  position  for  LDS- 465-1,  LDS-465-lA  and  MACK  Model ENDT  673  engine  applications,  figure  3- 41  illustrates  position  for  LD-465-1,  LD- 465.lC   and   LDT-465-lC   engine   ap- plications,  and  figure  3-42  illustrates position  for  LDS-465-2  engine  ap- plications. Figure 3-42. Pinion housing position for LDS-465-2 engine application. 3-25. Installation of Solenoid Relay Assembly a. Place relay assembly (C, fig. 3-4) on field Figure 3-40. Pinion housing position for LDS-456-1, LDS-465-1A  and  MACK  Model  ENDT  673  engine  applications. Figure  3-41  Pinion  housing  position  for  LD-465-1,   LD-465-lC and LDT-465-1C engine applications. ring  and  guide  shaft,  and  insert  assembly  (fig.  3- 9)  through  seal  in  relay  cover.  Make  certain  shaft enters plunger so threaded end of shaft is alined with  hole  in  plunger. b. Insert  shaft  adjusting  tool  (A,  fig.  3-4)  and engage end of tool with end of adjusting shaft. Turn tool clockwise to engage plunger with shaft and insert assembly (fig. 3-9). Turn tool eight complete  turns. c. Move relay so that it alines with mounting holes in field ring and secure with two hex-head bolts  (A,  fig.  3-3). d. Using shaft adjusting tool (A, fig. 3-4) turn adjusting shaft clock wise eight additional turns. e. Apply  24  volts  direct  current  across  ter- minals 1 and 3. NOTE Terminals  are  numbered  with  raised numerals  on  the  relay  cover. CAUTION Never leave relay energized any longer than  necessary  to  check  clearance.  Also, never  make  adjustment  when  relay  is energized. f. Refer  to  figure  3-43.  Gently  push  drive assembly   back   against   arm   and   measure 3-18


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