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TM   9-2920-243-34 Figure  3-38.  Examples  of  satisfactory  and  unsatisfactory  brush  seats. d. Remove   brushes   following   instructions provided  in  paragraph  3-11c.  Remove  armature and  discard  sandpaper.  Clean  armature  and brushes (para 3-13c and d). e. Refer  to  paragraph  3-10  and  reverse  removal instructions  for  installation  of  armature  and thrust washers. f. Refer  to  paragraph  3-11a  through  c  and reverse removal instructions for installation of brushes and brush opening band. NOTE Remove   screw   (B,   fig.   3-35)   before securing  brushes. 3-21.  Shift  Housing  Assembly Refer  to  paragraph  3-9  and  reverse  disassembly instructions   for   assembly   of   shift   housing assembly. 3-22. Shaft and Lever Assembly Refer  to  paragraph  3-8  and  reverse  disassembly instructions  for  assembly  of  shaft  and  lever assembly. 3-23.  Installation  of  Shift  Housing  Assembly a. Refer to paragraph 3-7 and reverse removal instructions  for  installation  of  shift  housing assembly.  Make  certain  scribe  marks  (A,  fig.  3-10) on  field  ring  and  shift  housing  assembly  are alined. b. Check  armature  end  play  as  shown  in  figure 3-39. End play must be 0.015 to 0.070 inch. If end play is excessive, disassemble starter (para 3-7 and  3-10),  replace  thrust  washer,  and  assemble, (para   3-20). Figure 3-39. Measuring armature end play. 3-24. Assembly and Installation of Pinion Housing  Assembly a.  Assembly.  Refer  to  paragraph  3-6b  and reverse  disassembly  instructions  for  assembly  of pinion  housing  assembly. b. Installation.  Refer to paragraph 3-6a and reverse removal instructions for installation of pinion  housing  assembly.  Make  certain  alinement marks (A, fig. 3-5) on shift and pinion housing are properly  alined. NOTE The  same  starter  assembly  is  used  on both  the  LDS-465,  LDT-465,  LD-465  and 3-17


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