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TM   9-2920-243-34 3-18.  Brush  Rigging  Assembly a.  Refer  to  paragraph  3-12  and  reverse disassembly   for   assembly   of   brush   rigging assembly. Do not install jumper (A, fig. 3-21) as shown. NOTE The  brush  holders  (D,  fig,  3-22)  are designed  to  overlap  each  other  at  brush holders   supports   when   in   assembled position  and  must  be  installed  properly. b. Position jumper coil (A), as shown in figure 3-35, on brush rigging assembly and hold it in position using one screw (B). Figure 3-35. Position jumper on brush rigging assembly. 3-19.  Installation  of  Brush  Rigging  Assembly Refer  to  paragraph  3-11  and  reverse  removal instructions  for  installation  of  brush  rigging assembly.  Make  certain  scribe  marks  (A,  fig.  3- 20) are alined. 3-20. Installation  of  Armature  Assembly  and Brushes a. Position  sandpaper  on  armature  as  shown  in figure 3-36 and secure one end with masking tape. Install  armature  as  instructed  in  paragraph  3-10. Figure 3-36. Positioning sandpaper on armature. b. Refer   to   paragraph   3-11c   and   reverse removal  instructions  for  installation  of  brushes  in brush  holders.  Make  certain  brush  springs  hold brushes securely against armature. c. Rotate armature clockwise as shown in figure 3-37 to seat brushes. Continue this procedure until a proper brush seat has been obtained as shown  in  figure  3-38. Figure 3-37. Rotating armature to seat brushes. 3-16


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