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TM 9-2920-243-34 Figure 3-34. Polishing armature commutator with sandpaper. Section III. 3-16. General a. Instructions covering assembly of the starter are   almost   identically   the   reverse   of   those covering  disassembly.  Therefore,  the  following assembly  procedures,  for  the  most  part,  will  be referenced to paragraphs appearing in section II. When  this  occurs,  instructions  appearing  with each referenced paragraph should be performed in reverse order from which they are given. For  example,  if reference is made to paragraph 3- 12  then  disassembly  subparagraphs  a  throughd and  any  instructions  contained  therein  also should  be  performed  in  reverse  order.  Throughout assembly  procedure,  it  will  be  assumed  that  the referenced  disassembly  instructions  must  be performed  in  reverse  order  to  accomplish  the assembly  procedure. Instructions B2 Index No. 6 14 18 58 10 12 28 8 4 ASSEMBLY b.  Figure  B-2  in  appendix  B  of  the  manual provides  a  visual  reference  to  relationship  of components  of  starter  and  for  parts  identification. c. Four parts kits are provided for use in repair and  rebuild  of  the  electrical  engine  starter assembly. When any component of a kit requires replacement,  all  parts  in  the  kit  should  be replaced at the same time. Whenever the starter is rebuilt, complete contents of gasket and seal parts kit should be used. 3-17.  Lubrication The  lubricants  listed  in  table  3-1  should  be available for use during assembly. Table 3-1 lists lubricant,  part  to  which  it  is  applied,  and  method of  application.    Make  certain  that  these  in- structions  are  performed  during  assembly. Point of lubrication Preformed   packings Table  3-1.  Lubrication  Instructions Lever  assy:  In  shaft  bore  on  slider blocks Coupling: In pin holes Armature assy: On splines Drive assy: In inner Oil wicks Lubricant OIL,   lubricating   (OE-30),   MIL-L- 2104 GREASE, aircraft and instrument,MIL-G-23827 GREASE, aircraft and instrument,  MIL-G-23827 OIL,  lubricating,  (OE/HDO-10) MIL-L-2104 OIL,   lubricating   (OE/HDO-10) MIL-L-2104 OIL,   lubricating   (OE-30),   MIL-L- 2104 Apply  lightly Apply  lightly  on  contact  surfaces. Apply  lightly  on  contact  surfaces. Apply  lightly  on  contact  surfaces. Apply  lightly  on  contact  surfaces. Soak until saturated. 3-15


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