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TM   9-2920-243-34 NOTE operation   normally   performed   after The armature used in this starter is a resurfacing  is  not  required. flush mica design and the undercutting Figure   3-32.   Cutting   tool   sharpening   dimensions. (2) Polishing commutator.  Remove all copper and mica particles with compressed air. Polish commutator  in  a  lathe  with  2/0  sandpaper  as illustrated  in  figure  3-34,  with  armature  rotating at 1500 rpm. (3) Checking  armature  eccentricity.  Set up a dial  indicator  gage  and  measure  the  runout  of  the commutator  (fig.  3-28).  Total  runout  should  not exceed  0.003-inch. Figure   3-33.   Proper   position   of   cutting   tool. 3-14


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