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Starting the Engine
If starting fluid is necessary, spray starting fluid into
If oil pressure does not raise within 15 seconds after
the air cleaner inlet. Spray starting fluid only while
the engine starts, stop the engine and make
cranking the engine. Otherwise, damage to engine
necessary corrections.
can result.
If the engine fails to start within 30 seconds, release
the starter switch or button and wait two minutes to
6. Operate the engine at low load until all systems reach
operating temperatures. Check all gauges during the
allow the starting motor to cool before using it again.
warmup period.
Below 0C (32F)
Heating of jacket water and crankcase oil, use of starting
aid fluid and/or use of extra battery capacity may be
required to assist starting in cold temperatures.
Air Starting
Ether is poisonous and flammable.
Do not store replacement cylinders in living areas.
1. Open and close the bleed valve on the bottom of the
air tank to drain condensation and oil carryover.
Do not smoke while changing cylinders.
Use only in well ventilated areas.
2. Check the air supply pressure. The air starter must
have 690 kPa (100 psi) to operate properly.
Use with care to avoid fires.
Avoid breathing of vapors or repeated contact with
Do not puncture or burn cylinders.
Discard cylinders in a safe place.
Keep ether container away from heat, sparks, open
flame, or open sunlight. It may explode.
If an aerosol container is used, follow instructions
on the container.
Do not store or use at temperatures above 93 C
3. Check the oil level in the air lubricator. Keep jar at
least half full. Add oil if necessary. See the Lubrication
Use ether sparingly while cranking the engine.
and Maintenance Chart for the proper oil to use.


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