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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  BLOCK  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS REPAIR -  CONTINUED 63. Cylinder block (1) Cylinder sleeve counterbore   (2) a. Using  wiping  rag,  clean  thoroughly. b. Place  salvage  sleeve  on  cylinder  sleeve counterbore. c. Using  salvage  sleeve  driver,  drive salvage sleeve into bore until it bottoms. A  solid  sound  can  be  heard  when  sal- vage  sleeve  bottoms. NOTE Salvage  sleeve  will  protrude  above  top  of  cylinder  block  by  0.004  inch  (0.10  mm)  and must be filed even with top of cylinder block. Remove all burrs with emery cloth. The  salvage  sleeve  is  designed  to  be  0.005  to  0.010  inch  (0.13  to  0.25  mm)  above required  counterbore  depth.  Check  depth  and  cut  to  specifications  as  described  in  step 18 and in steps 53 thru 56. ASSEMBLY NOTE Steps 64 thru 68 are typical for installing all six cylinder sleeves in cylinder block. TA   242444 2-168


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