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TM   9-2815   -202-34 43 30 (3) Using dial indicator (43), measure runout of center camshaft journal with end journals mounted  on  V-blocks.  Replace  camshaft  if  runout   exceeds  0.002  inch. l (4)  Check  camshaft  thrust  surfaces  for  scoring  or  wear.  Thrust  surfaces  maybe  smoothed  with an crocus cloth if only slightly scratched. (5)  Examine  faces  of  camshaft  rear  end  bearings,  thrust  washers,  and  camshaft  gear  hubs  for scoring.  Camshaft  gear  hubs  not  severely  scored  may  be  smoothed  with  an  oil  stone. (6) Inspect bushings in end bearings for wear and scoring. Using calipers, measure outside diameter  of  camshaft  journals  and  inside  diameter  of  camshaft  end  bearing  bushings. Difference must be between 0.0035 to 0.005 inch with new parts and a maximum of 0.006 inch with used parts. (7)  Inspect  spacers  and  seal  at  front  end  of  camshafts.  Outside  diameter  of  spacer  on  left  bank must provide a smooth oil  seal  contact  surface. (8) Inspect camshaft intermediate bearings. Replace bearings if excessively scored or worn. Clearance  between  camshaft  journals  and  intermediate  bearings  is  0.0025  to  0.005  inch l with new parts and a maximum of 0.009 inch with used parts. (9) Examine intermediate bearing lock screws and tapped holes in cylinder block for damaged threads. l (1 O) Inspect teeth on water pump drive gear and camshaft gears for scoring, pitting, and wear. Examine keyways and tapped holes in gears and camshaft pulley for damage. 4 - 1 09


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