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(5) (6) TM9-2815-202-34 (c) Support camshaft (30) in arbor press. Place a sleeve (44) on top of gear (1 7). Press gear  tight  against  shoulder  on  shaft. (d)  Thread  camshaft  gear  retaining  nut  (8)  on  camshaft.  Hand  tighten. (e) Install gear on other camshaft in similar manner. Lubricate  camshaft  intermediate  bearing  journals.  Place  two  halves  of  each  intermediate bearing  (32)  on  camshaft  journal.  Lock  halves  together  with  two  lock  rings  (31).  Assemble each lock ring with gap over upper bearing and ends an equal distance above split line of bearing. Attach balance weight (35) to front of each camshaft  gear(17) with two bolts (33) and two nuts (34). Torque nuts to 25-30  Ib-ft (34-41 N-m). f.  I n s t a l l a t i on (1)  Insert front end of camshaft assembly (21) with right hand helix gear through opening on right  bank  side  in  rear  end  plate.  Work  camshaft  and  intermediate  bearings  (32)  into  cylinder block until camshaft gear teeth are about to engage teeth on mating gear (if installed).  Aline timing  marks  (V)  on  camshaft  gears  as  shown.  Slide  camshaft  assembly  in  place. 4-111


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