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TABLE 4-6. TM   9-2815-202-34 4-35.   CRANKSHAFT   MAINTENANCE   (Cont.) NOTE Lower bearing shells, which carry the load, will normally show signs of distress before upper  bearing  shells. (9)  Discard  main overlay. bearings  with  signs  of  scoring,  pitting,  flaking,  etching,  overheating,  or  loss  of e.   Measurements (1)  Using  micrometer  and  ball  attachment,  measure  thickness  of  bearing  shells  at  point  (C), 90 degrees from parting line. Replace all bearing shells if minimum thickness is less than 0.1540 inch. A standard bearing is 0.1545 to 0.1552 inch thick. Refer to Table 4-6 for thickness  of  undersize  bearings. If  clearance  between  any  crankshaft  journal  and  its  bearing  shells  exceeds  0.0060 inch,  all  bearing  shells  must  be  discarded  and  replaced.  Clearance  for  new  parts  is 0.0016  to  0.0050  inch. (2) Check clearance between main bearings and crankshaft journals by using method (a) or (b) below: (a)  With  crankshaft  removed,  measure  outside  diameter  of  crankshaft  main  bearing  journals and inside diameter of main bearing shells in place with required bearing cap bolt torque.  When  installed,  bearing  shells  are  0.001  inch  larger  in  diameter  at  parting  line than 90 degrees from parting line. 4-156


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