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TM    9-2815-202-34 4-38.   CYLINDER   HEAD   REPAIR   (Cont) c.   Pressure   Check NOTE (1) (2) (3) (4) Before  pressure  checking  cylinder head, insure four cover plates (47), cup plug (54), two pipe plugs (54), fuse plug (52), and five exhaust manifold studs (50) are in position. Install scrap or dummy injectors to properly  seal  injector  tubes.  Torque injector clamp bolts to 20-25 Ib-ft (27-34 N-m). Using  cylinder  head  pressure  testing kit, install fabricated end plate (64) and gasket over hole in front of cylinder  head.  Secure  with  bolts  from kit. Torque bolts to 30-35 Ib-ft (41-47 N-m). Using cylinder head pressure test kit, install  fabricated  blocking  plates  (65) and rubber gaskets to seal off ten water holes on fire deck. Secure with bolts, flat washers, and nuts from kit. Torque bolts to 50-60 Ib-ft (71-85 N-m). Attach a regulated air supply to end plate (64) and gradually apply pressure of 40 psi (276 kPa) to water jacket. 4-190


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