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(3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) TM9-2815-202-34 Injector  body Inspect injector body (21) threads, bushing seating surface, and fuel connector gasket sealing surfaces for damage. Inspect rack hole, body seal ring sealing surface, clamp radius, and dowel pin. Replace if necessary. Fuel connectors Check condition of jumper line sealing surfaces, copper gasket sealing surfaces, and fuel connector (3) threads. Replace if necessary. Control  rack (a) Check injector control rack (24) for straightness, rack teeth for damage, and notch in clevis for wear. Check rack for nicks, burrs, rust, and hardness. (b)  Notch  in  clevis  should  be  0.3125  to  0.3145  inch. Gear and gear retainer Inspect gear (23) and gear retainer (22) for nicks, burrs, or rust. Check gear teeth for wear. Bushing Check  bushing  lapped  sealing  surface  for  scratches  and  bushing  internal  diameter  for scoring. Observe condition of dowel pin. Check for corrosion and varnish. Replace if necessary. Plunger Check plunger (9) for corrosion or varnish, scoring, scratching or wear, and chips along edge of helix. Check valve and check valve cage (a) Inspect for cracks and scratches on lapped surfaces. Also inspect for corrosion, varnish, and wear. (b)  Measure  thickness  of  check  valve  (18)  and  check thickness is 0.163 inch and minimum check valve Valve  spring Check valve spring (16) for wear on coil ends, broken valve cage (17). Minimum cage thickness is 0.022 inch. coil ends, and notches under coil ends. Check for corrosion, nicks, and erosion on inside at armroximatety 1 1/2 coils from end. Replace if necessary. Spring  seat Check spring seat (15) surfaces for wear. Replace if necessary. Spring  cage (a)  Inspect  spring  gage  (14)  for cracks, corrosion or varnish, and scratches  on  lapped  sealing surfaces.  Inspect  spring  set surface  and  needle  valve  seating surface for wear. (b)  Measure  thickness  of  spring  cage.  Minimum  thickness  is  0.602  inch. 4-227


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