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TM   9-2815-202-34 4-40.  FUEL  INJECTOR  ASSEMBLY  REPAIR   (Cont) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) Spray  tip (a) (b) Check spray tip (33) for cracks, enlarged  spray  holes,  corrosion on  outside  diameter  taper,  and oxide scale on spray hole end. Check nut to tip sealing surface and  lapped  sealing  surface  for scratches. Do not reuse if there is scale,  cracks,  or  enlarged  spray holes. Measure thickness of spray tip shoulder.  Minimum  thickness  is 0.199  inch. Needle  valve Check spray tip needle valve for erosion  at  seat  shoulder,  scratches, and  overheating. Needle  valve  lift Using  needle  valve  height  gage  (32), measure  needle  valve  lift  as  follows: (a) Zero indicator by placing bottom surface of plunger assembly on a flat  surface  and  zero  indicator dial. (b) Place spray tip and needle valve assembly  (13)  tight  against bottom of gage with quill of needle valve in hole in plunger. (c)While  holding  spray  tip  and  needle valve assembly (13) tight against gage (32), read needle valve lift indicator. Lift should be 0.008 to 0.018 inch. If tip assembly  exceeds  0.018  inch,  replace it. If less than 0.008 inch, inspect tip assembly for foreign material between needle  valve  and  tip  seat. Nut Check nut (11 ) for damaged threads, condition of seal ring seating area, and condition of spray tip seating area. Check spray tip hole for corrosion. Spill  deflector Inspect ends of deflector (19)  for sharp edges or burrs. 4-228 Change   1


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