Quantcast Testing (cont) - TM-9-2815-202-34_341

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TM 9-2815-202-34 (i) (j) WARNING Do not  operate  diesel  fuel injector  nozzle  tester  without shield. Fuel spray can penetrate skin. Fuel oil entering blood stream may cause serious infection. Place shield (43) on diesel fuel injector nozzle tester (41). Operate pump handle (40) with smooth even strokes and record fuel injector needle valve opening pressure (pop pressure). Needle valve opens when fuel sprays from tip. Pop needle valve several times to purge air from system. Record test gage (44) opening pressure. Final needle valve opening pressure must be 3450-4050  PSI. Remove injector nut (11), spray tip (33), needle valve (35), spring (16), spring seat (15), spring cage (14), check valve cage (17), and check valve (18) from mounting   pedestal   (42). NOTE After needle valve opening pressure test is complete, continue injector  assembly  [ref.  step  e.(13)]. (6)  Needle  Valve  Holding  Pressure (a) Place fuel injector in fixture (38). (b) Operate pump handle (39) to bring pressure up to 2200 PSI. NOTE Pop  fuel  injector  several  times  with  popping  handle  (39)  until  no  pressure  is  observed on injector test fixture (41) before removing injector from test fixture to avoid fuel spray as  injector  is  removed  from  fixture. (c) Close fuel shut off valve. Start timing when pressure reaches 2000 PSI and stop at PSI.  Minimum  time  is  20  seconds. 1500 (d) If pressure drops in less than 20 seconds, check for leaks around spray tip, seal ring, and fuel   connectors. END  OF  TASK FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE Para   Description 5-37  Install  injectors  (7083-7391,  7083-7396,  and  7083-7399) 4-38  Install  injectors  (7083-7395  and  7083-7398) Change 1 4-234.1/4-234.2  Blank


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