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TM9-2815-202-34 4-41.   BLOWER   REPAIR   (Cont) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) Rotate rotors (6 and 7) to bring flat in spline  on  shafts  in  alinement  and facing  left. Install  original  number  and  thickness of shims (18) on shafts of rotors (6 and 7) that were removed at disassembly. Lubricate serrations of shafts of rotors (6 and 7) with engine oil. Place teeth of rotor gears (12 and 17) so missing teeth on inside of gears are  alined  and  facing  same  direction as missing teeth on shafts of rotors (6 and 7). Using  a  soft-headed  hammer,  drive gear (12) on shaft of rotor (7) and gear (17) on shaft of rotor (6). Install bolt (13) into end in shaft of rotor (7). Install spacer (16), shaft (14) and deflector (15) in shaft of rotor (6). Place folded rag between rotors to prevent gears (12 and 17) from turning. Torque bolt and shaft to 100-110  Ib-ft  (136-150  N-m). Reverse blower assembly. Install spacer (27), disc (26), key washer (25) and bolt (24) to rotor (7). Aline tang on key washer with groove in disc. Torque bolt to 55-65 Ib-ft (75-88 N-m). Bend one tang of key washer into groove in disc and two tangs against side of bolt head. Remove rag from rotors. Install  four  5/16-18x1  7/8-inch  bolts with  flat  washers  through  holes  in each end plate (top and bottom) to blower  housing.  Torque  bolts  to 13-17 Ib-ft (18-23 N-m) (bolts are temporarily securing blower housing to  end  plates  to  determine  clearance between  rotors  and  end  plates). 4-244


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