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TM9-2815-202-34 (43) (44) (45) (46) (47) Check clearances at points (D) and (E). Insert feeler gages between lobes of rotors (6 and 7) and  blower  housing  (29).  Measure  clearance  for  each  lobe  at  both  inlet  and  outlet  side  (total of twelve). Minimum clearance at (D) is 0.015 inch and at (E) is 0.004 inch. Place blower assembly on end on two wood blocks with gear end up. Place blower drive coupling (1 O) on gear (12) with groove inside coupling next to gear. Install coupling, retainer (11 ), six bolts (8), and six Iockwashers (9) to gear(11 ). Insert folded rag between rotors (6 and 7). Torque bolts to 20-25 Ib-ft (27-34 N-m). Remove rag. Using  dial  indicator,  measure  cam  spline  runout.  Maximum  runout  must  not  exceed  0.020 inch  total  indicator  reading. Remove  four  bolts  and  four  flat  washers  holding  each  end  plate  to  blower  housing  (installed to  check  blower  clearances). Position gasket (5) on blower rear end plate cover (4) and loosely secure cover and gasket to rear end plate (22) with ten bolts (1), ten Iockwashers (2), and ten special washers (3). NOTE Whenever  installing  a  tachometer  drive  cover  assembly  or  drive  adaptor,  maintain proper  alinement  between  cover  and  tachometer  drive  shaft.  Correct  alinement  is  when no  binding  occurs  between  drive  shaft  and  inside  diameter  of  alinement  tool  when rotating  blower  rotors. (48)  Using  tachometer  drive  alinement  set  (41),  aline  cover  (4)  with  tachometer  drive  shaft  (14)  by . . selecting tool with best fit. Torque bolts (1) to 13-17 Ib-ft (1 8-23 N-m). END OF TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE Para   Description 4-12  Install  fuel  pump 4-17 Install governor cover and throttle control  rod 4-18 Install governor and blower assembly 4-247


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