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TM 9-2815-202-34 5.1-36.  TURBOCHARGER  REPAIR  (Cont) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) Place turbine wheel shaft assembly (13), shroud (16), center housing (2), and backplate (5) upright in turbocharger holding fixture. With compressor wheel (15) at room temperature, position it over turbine wheel shaft assembly (13). CAUTION When  torquing  compressor wheel nut on shaft, use two universal joints connected in tandem or a single universal joint and a universal socket to prevent bending turbine wheel shaft. Lubricate shaft threads of turbine wheel shaft assembly (13) and wheel face on compressor wheel (15) with engine oil. Install self-locking nut (14). Torque nut to 125-150 lb-in (14-17 N-m) to seat compressor wheel against thrust spacer. Loosen self-locking nut (14) and inspect nut face and front face of compressor wheel to insure they are smooth and clean. Torque self-locking nut (14) to 35-55 lb-in (4-6 N-m). Attach magnetic base dial indicator (32) to  center  housing. Place impeller nut box wrench (33) on impeller nut (14) and position dial indicator on tip of turbine shaft assembly (13). Set dial indicator to zero. Tighten nut to obtain shaft stretch of 0.009-0.010   inch. 5-100 Change   1


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