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TM9-2815-202-34 CAUTION l Do not apply voltage to ignition air heater  must  be  grounded. coil without a coil to air heater connection. Coil and l Apply positive lead to pin (A) and negative lead to pin (B) or damage to coil will result. (3) Connect a 24 V dc power source to the coil input side of ignition coil (12). Observe electric arc between electrode (48) and wire (54). Arc may be steady or intermittent (about ten to thirty  pulses  a second) with a popping noise. f.  Installation (1) If removed, install stud (16) into cylinder head. (2) Install tension clip (57) on ignition coil (12). NOTE Install  nut,  Iockwasher,  and  harness  leads  on  stud  during  pump  and  motor  assembly installation. (3) Install spacer (58), ignition coil (12), with tension clip (57), Iockwasher (55), and flat washer (56) onto stud (16). NOTE Install  ignition  wire  from  air  box  heater  during  air  box  heater  installation. (4) Install wire (39) onto ignition coil (12). 6-23


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