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TM9-2815-202-34 6-34.  PISTON  AND  CONNECTING  ROD  MAINTENANCE  (TRUNK  TYPE)   (Cont) (3) Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly to Cylinder Liner (a) Apply clean engine oil to piston, rings, and inside surface of piston ring  compressor. NOTE Inspect ring compressor for nicks or burrs,  especially  at  nontapered inside  diameter  end.  Nicks  or  burrs on  inside  diameter  of  compressor will result in damage to piston rings. (b) (c) (d) (e) Place piston ring compressor (22) on a wood block with tapered end of  ring  compressor  facing  up. Stagger  piston  ring  gaps  90 degrees  apart  on  piston.  Make sure ends of oil control ring expanders  do  not  overlap. Start top of piston and connecting rod assembly (5) straight into ring compressor  (22).  Then  push piston  down  until  it  contacts  wood block. Place cylinder liner (1) with flange  end  down  on  wood  block. NOTE Numbers  on  side  of  connecting  rod and cap identify rod with cap and indicate  cylinder  where  used. 6-40


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