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TM9-2815-202-34 (f) (g) Place  ring  compressor  (22)  and piston  and  connecting  rod assembly (5) on liner (1) with numbers  on  side  of  connecting rod and cap alined with matchmark  on  liner. Push  piston  and  connecting  rod assemblv  (5)  down  into  liner  until piston  is-free  of  ring  compressor (22). CAUTION Do not force piston into liner. Expanders  apply  considerable  force on oil rings; therefore, take care during loading operation to prevent ring  breakage. (h) Remove connecting rod cap and ring  compressor.  Then  push piston  down  until  compression rings  pass  cylinder  liner  ports. h.  Installation  -  Cylinder  Klt  Assembly NOTE If any pistons and liners are already in engine, use hold down clamps (23) to retain liners (1) in place when  rotating  crankshaft. (1) Install cylinder liner insert (24) in block  counterbore. (2) Rotate crankshaft (25) until connecting rod journal (26) of cylinder is at bottom of its travel. Wipe journal clean and lubricate with clean engine oil. 6-41


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