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TM9-2815-202-34 NOTE c. d, e. f, Bar engine over to bring upper ends of push rods of injector and valve rocker  arms  in  line  horizontally. Remove two rocker shaft bracket bolts (4) and swing rocker arms (5) away from injector  and  valves. Loosen  locknut  (6)  and  back  out  adjusting screw (7). Slide injector control lever (8) on injector  control  tube  (9)  away  from  injector control rack (10), Remove bolt (1 1), convex washer (12), and clamp  (13)  securing  injector  (14).  Remove injector. CAUTION Injector clamp must not interfere with  follower  spring  or  exhaust  valve springs when installed. Damage could  occur  to  engine  valve  or injector  clamp. Install  cylinder  adapter  (15)  in  injector  tube. Secure  with  clamp  (13),  convex  washer (12), and bolt (11 ). Torque bolt to 20-25  Ib-ft (27-34 N-m). Attach cylinder tester (16) to adapter. CAUTION Exhaust valve bridges must rest on ends  of  exhaust  valves  when tightening rocker arm shaft bolts or damage  to  exhaust  valves  will result. n v 8-35


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